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We’re thinking spring!
We’ve had enough of the cold and miserable weather.  It’s time to throw out all the WARM and POSITIVE vibes out there that we can.
Heres to hoping we can get out of  this winter FAST and get back to building!

Winter, BE GONE!

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I know that as water freezes, its molecules are slowing down until frozen.  Is it possible that winter has the same effect say, on itself?  As winter gets colder and colder, it just all seems to gradually slow down until now, today, it feels as if winter will never leave, and that we will never get out of this state…STUCK…FROZEN….I’M OVER IT…WINTER, BE GONE!

Bring on the sunshine, the warm smell of the dirt thawing out, the dirty streets, and the crowed patios on a Friday afternoon.  Bring on the insects, the thunderstorms and the muddy dog parks.  Show me shorts, show me tank tops, SHOW ME FLIP FLOP SANDALS.  I want to open my bedroom windows and welcome back the summer breeze.  I want to walk outside to get the mail in my bare feet, I want to climb a tree with my son, and sit in the sun with a book…read a page and fall asleep in the sun for hours.  I want to be busy.  I want to create beautiful landscapes for people to come home to and enjoy just as much as I enjoy the before mentioned.   I want to get out of my office and back into the world…your world, and create something for you to long for when winter won’t leave YOU alone…

Start Winter Planning For Spring Projects

INVlogo(tag) copyWe have a meeting today with a potential customer that is planning a large pool-scape for spring 2014.  This has to be one of our least favorite things to do this time of year.  Sitting in someone’s kitchen, living room, office, what have you; looking outside at the snow, trying to help visualize the project and process that’s  currently months away.  While this is all seems like some strange sort of torture, meeting now leaves the homeowners with an advantage other customers in 2014 won’t have…TIME!

We normally try to turn around designs and pricing in a week or less during the install season.  While this time frame isn’t exact and changes with each project, jobs are pushed through as quickly as possible.  There just isn’t a whole lot of time to go back and forth with ideas and revisions when our summers slip away quicker than your dress shoes under a patch of ice!

It may seem ill timed, illogical, and just plain ‘ill’ to think spring and summer planning while a polar vortex is baring down, but try to step away from that thought process.

Instead grab hold to the extra time and availability that’s present during the winter months and refine that project to the last detail.  This way, when spring does FINALLY show its warm and welcomed face, we’re all ready for it!

Year 1 DONE … On to year 2!


INVOLVE has existed for about a year now!

Our first season is filed away.  Overall, it was an absolute success.  Made a lot of happy customers and completed some amazing projects.  Certainly had some growing pains at times through out the process, but we all learned so much and cant wait for the snow to melt and green to grow!

We can’t thank our customers enough.  Without them, so much would not be possible.

2014 here we come!